Croxley Recycling – A Unique Solution to a World of Electronic Waste

New Zealand’s only e-waste recycler with Environmental Choice certification.

The world generates a huge amount of electronic waste. Every office and most homes will have several items of electronic equipment with a finite life.

When it becomes superseded, unrepairable or just plain unwanted, it’s a problem. One that Croxley Recycling helps solve every day.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a complex mix of plastic and metals. The challenge is to dismantle and separate them, so that the plastic componentry can go to plastic recyclers and the metal components (often quite valuable) can go to a specialist metal recycler.

The alternative – it goes to landfill.

Croxley Recycling has two machines that are up to this often-demanding task. Both grind the waste into chunks from which the metal can be extracted by hand. One of the granulators also detects any metal missed by the sorters and dismantlers.

Asian companies will pay up to $600 a tonne for clean recycled plastic, while intact PCB boards will fetch us much as $9 per kg. The secret is being able to dismantle the equipment and sell the resulting commodities in a way thatmakes commercial sense.

Croxley Recycling Centre in Wiri makes a significant contribution to reducing landfill in this country. A recent audit showed just 1.6% by weight of what comes into the Centre is unable to be recycled.

That level of performance is achieved largely because Croxley Recycling meets all the requirements of Environmental Choice. Their certification does not bring in extra money, but the benefits are clear for our customers. It means they know there is an audited end of life pathway. They can meet all their environmental goals in this regard. They know this licence assures them of best practice.

But, perhaps most compelling of all is the fact that Croxley Recycling is the only e-waste recycler with Environmental Choice certification. This covers end-of-life services for ITT Equipment (EC 56) and recycling of Imaging Consumables (EC-55), another key aspect of our business. Toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and other consumables roll in from some 14,000 collection points around the country, all destined for re-purposing in a variety of different forms.

For office technology manufacturers, Brother New Zealand Limited, Ricoh New Zealand Limited and Canon New Zealand Limited – all Environmental Choice New Zealand licensees, the Croxley connection is vital to their sustainability programme.

Brother International (NZ) Limited Director & Manager Corporate Strategy and CSR, Mayuko Hirose, says Croxley Recycling is a key partner in ensuring the company provides simple and effective recycling options at no cost to consumers and businesses. “To enable us to maintain our ISO14001 certification for environmental management, it’s vital that our products are recycled in the right way; Croxley Recycling gives us confidence our products will be repurposed appropriately, as they are an independently audited and verified Environmental Choice New Zealand-certified recycler.

“The partnership we have with Croxley means we can continue to be an active industry advocate for sustainability and environmental protection in New Zealand. Not only does Brother have the most comprehensive end-of-life cartridge-recycling programme provided by any NZ print brand, we're also the first NZ print brand to receive carboNZero certification recognising our ongoing pledge to manage, reduce and offset carbon emissions.

“Care for the environment and sustainability considerations are built into every aspect of our business – from our eco-factories that have minimal power usage, to energy-efficient machine design such as nearly zero-power-consumption for standby mode, to staff energy saving initiatives in our offices - and we see Environmental Choice as a vital part of our sustainability offering.”

Ricoh New Zealand Sustainability and Administration Co-ordinator Helen Mahoney says Croxley has played a huge part in the success of the company’s New Zealand sustainability programme.

The company’s Managing Director Mike Pollok says Ricoh, as an Environmental Choice licensee, is dedicated to complete transparency when it comes to its environmental practices. “Partnering with Croxley as our e-waste and toner recycler means we can guarantee a full life-cycle for our machines and toners. Working with Croxley gives us not only peace of mind around the end-of-life of our products, being able to divert 99% of our machine materials from landfill, but also allows us to meet our own waste diversion goals.”

Canon New Zealand Ltd Health is another big fan of Croxley’s recycling facility. The company’s Environment and Sustainability Advisor Vanessa Marsh says that Croxley helps Canon to ensure their products are recycled in the best way for the environment and customers. “And by also being Environmental choice licensees, we know Croxley has been externally and independently audited, which provides assurances that the standards required are being regularly verified.

“The comprehensive data that Croxley Recycling provides Canon for our toner, ink and e-waste recycling nationwide, is recorded and monitored as part of Canon’s ISO 14001 global certification.”